Enjoy your stay in one of our holiday properties situated in Albir and its surroundings.
We have a wide selection of apartments, bungalows, villas and other properties for sale in Albir and Costa Blanca.
We offer you a great number of properties to rent for one year or more.

Albir Confort is a real estate company whose holiday apartments and real estate is situated in Albir and its surroundings. This is the ideal place to enjoy the sunshine and the Mediterranean beach, relax in the pool, taste the gastronomy and discover the culture of the area, and fun activities such as fishing, diving and golf.

From the beginning we have been praised by the quality of our apartments, the value of our additional services and personalized Customer Service. We combine a wealth of experience and professionalism to provide you the best advice in buying and selling properties, excellent management promotions and marketing of new construction and investments in real estate and rental of apartments and businesses and housing development. We also provide all maintenance services, cleaning and information necessary for the enjoyment of your carefree holiday, plus all the benefits of Albir SPA & Fitness Center.